4 Ideal House Extensions for Extra Space

4 Ideal House Extensions for Extra Space
25 Mar 2022

House extension ideas are often grouped into numerous sorts based on their sizes and designs. Here are 4 ideas that you consider for extra space.

If you want to add more room to your home, property extension may be the finest solution. A house expansion is a more cost-effective choice than buying a whole new home. House extension ideas are often grouped into numerous sorts based on their sizes and designs. We'll go through four common house extension styles in London in this blog. Let's look at these kinds in more detail.

Single storey extension

The single-storey addition is a popular form of home extension in London. Planning authorization for a single-story addition is never required. A bedroom, home office, kitchen, playroom, dining room, and other rooms are common additions to this sort of home. A single-story addition provides adequate living space. If you want to boost your home value by adding more living space, a single-story addition may be the best option.

Multi-storey extension

If you want additional living space, a multi-story extension may be the best solution. This is a large-scale property expansion project. As a result, it requires special approval. Aside from that, as the homeowner, you should think about a few things before embarking on a job like this. Obviously, the cost of this house extension style is rather considerable. The cost of a project is determined by a variety of elements, including site accessibility, roof form, size, soil type, and location. Professional architects are required for this type of expansion.


Porches are one of the most common sorts of property expansion styles to consider. This is a tiny chamber with columns, roofs, doors, windows, brick walls, and other architectural elements. This type of property does not require approval. If you're looking for a cost-effective way to expand your home, a porch would be the best option. This sort of property expansion is divided into numerous varieties based on designs and styles, like contemporary porches, pitched roof porches, bungalow-style porches, pitched roof porches, modern porches, etc.


Another typical sort of home addition is a conservatory. It gives additional room while also adding a sense of modernism to the house. Sunrooms are another name for a conservatory. Glass walls and roofs make up the majority of the structure. In most cases, permission is required for certain conservatories. Gable conservatories, Lean-to conservatories, Edwardian conservatories, Victorian conservatories, P, L T, U-shape conservatories, and so forth are all popular forms of conservatories.

There are several advantages to extending your home. It not only adds extra room but also raises the value of the home. If you want to extend your home, you need to choose a renowned London business.

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