5 Elements of A Minimalist Modern Home Design In London

5 Elements of A Minimalist Modern Home Design In London
14 Oct 2022

There is something undeniably alluring about the minimalistic modern house design. Be it the way it is featured in visual media these days or in magazines. If you are planning on home refurbishment, then will be a smarter idea to go for an aesthetic upgrade too. Minimalistic modern housing design is making a huge comeback in recent times. Thereby, many people want to opt for a minimalistic modern aesthetic when planning for a home refurbishment to their London house. And why not? minimalistic modern design for homes is sleek, clean and crisp, geometric it has a lot of perks. But on the downside, these houses may look too modern, and geometric and may not appear homely. Otherwise, it is a perfect style for your London house post refurbishment. Let’s look at 5 core elements of minimalistic modern house design:

1. Windows:

When you look at a modern house, you will notice it is marked by some staple architectural design. One such design is large windows. Large rectangular or floor-to-ceiling windows are a common feature in this style of house design. When you have a good amount of windows it will allow a lot of light to come through the window. Thus, if you want to emulate the minimalistic modern home design in your London home after refurbishment, then be prepared to add some big windows.

2. Functionality 

By definition, minimalism points to the priority that is given to functionality over unnecessary aesthetic enhancement. This is why, if you want to go for a minimalistic and modern home refurbishment design, instead of looking to add an unnecessary object, you should focus on functionality. Even if you are adding an item that is aimed at enhancing aesthetic beauty, it should also have a certain functional purpose.

3. Uncomplicated Designs

Another key element of minimalistic modern housing design is uncomplicated house design. From popcorn ceiling to unnecessary patterns, all such design makes the space of your home look busy and does not satisfy the minimalistic modern home theme that you are aiming for. Thus, if you are planning for a minimalistic modern house design in your London house after home refurbishment then stay steer clear of uncomplicated home design.

4. Modular Furnishing

Modern means smart, and smart suggest modular furnishing. When you are refurbishing your London home, you have to install modular furnishing to satisfy the minimalistic modern theme. Modular furnishing is no longer restricted to the kitchen these days. It has moved to the living room or even the bedroom. Houses with modular furnishing look incredibly clean, crisp, minimalist and modern.

5. Colour Palette 

If you search on the internet for pictures of houses with modern and minimalistic décor, you will notice one thing in common - the colour palette. The colour palette of minimalistic and modern houses stays limited to neutral colours and far away from flashy and bright colours. This is why, if you are emulating a minimalistic modern look for your house in London after refurbishment, then make white, black, grey and beige your friends.

These are some of the core elements of minimalistic modern décor that you can see across visual media. If you are planning on a home refurbishment in London to mimic the minimalistic modern architectural style, do not forget to add these elements. For more features, you can take help from an expert to guide you.

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