5 Kitchen Aesthetic To Try For Kitchen Renovation In London

5 Kitchen Aesthetic To Try For Kitchen Renovation In London
28 Oct 2022

The kitchen is undeniably the heart of any house, it is used daily and thus has the most chance of getting dirty. Eventually, if you observe closely, it is your kitchen that starts to look age quicker than the rest of the house. This is why it needs to be renovated more quickly than in other areas. If you are facing the same, it may be time for you to consider a kitchen renovation. But zeroing in on one kitchen aesthetic can be a difficult task for many. As most people don’t know the latest kitchen renovation ideas popular in London today. To ease your burden, we are presenting you with the most in-trend kitchen renovation ideas in London:

The Cottage-core Aesthetic:

The soft, warm, and cosy aesthetic of cottage-core are much in trend right now. This aesthetic makes your kitchen look more warm and welcoming. The natural tones that are used to transform your London kitchen into a cottage-like set-up have caused quite a stir on social media and in lifestyle magazines.

The Woody Style:

This is a classy yet even in-trend kitchen renovation aesthetic be it in London or elsewhere. To achieve, this style, try to incorporate natural woody colours in your kitchen. Embrace the natural colours of timber. You can either deck the entire kitchen in natural woody colours or a part of the kitchen in the same wooden shade.


The pretty pastel is another popular kitchen renovation aesthetic that can be observed donning most London kitchens. Just because we have mentioned pastel does not mean it has to be girly. There are plenty of other colours available for embracing the pretty pastel kitchen aesthetic without painting everything pink. Think of mint, blues or yellow. These colours offer the same pastel vibe without appearing too girlish.

Industrial Decor:

Another popular kitchen renovation trend that is overwhelmingly adopted in most kitchens is industrial decor. So, what does industrial decor exactly mean? It means those exposed walls, steel framing, geometrical lights, and usage of copper or black accents. When you can also try to be a bit edgier with your industrial kitchen renovation in London by installing meshed cabinet doors.


The idea behind minimalist kitchen décor is functionality achieved more simply. Instead of filling the space with unnecessary kitchen items only for aesthetic purposes. The minimalist believes it is better to keep the space clean and devoid of clutter. Thus, to achieve this look, it is best to jot down the kitchen essentials that you will need in your kitchen. And the use of neutral colours like white or black makes the space look clean and minimal.

These are some of the most popular kitchen renovation aesthetics that you can use to revamp your kitchen in London. So, when are you getting your kitchen renovated to match other kitchens in London?

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