5 Reasons Why You Must Consider Loft Conversion

5 Reasons Why You Must Consider Loft Conversion
14 Sep 2022

These days in London the pricing of real estate is shorting up! Especially if you are looking for a property that is located in the main city. Even if you look for properties, you will witness the space within the property is quite limited for a full family of four or more to thrive. Thus, you have to shed a few generous pound sterling to resort to a comfortable property. This is why instead of looking for newer properties it is easier to extend the space of already existing properties. But how to achieve that? How can you extend the space within your house without restoring to black magic? The answer is fairly simpler, if you have attic or loft space in your house, bring it to use! With the help of a good builder in  London, you can go for a loft conversion to extend the space in your house. Here are 5 reasons why you must consider loft conversion:

Accommodate Budding Family:

People, in general, tend to check if their immediate needs are fulfilled when purchasing a house. But they forget to check if their future needs will be satisfied by the same house. Thus, in future, when their family starts to grow they face a scarcity of space. This scarcity of space forces them to think of moving into a new real estate property, which will cost more money without a doubt. Thereby, instead of searching for a newer property, it is easier to seek the help of qualified builders in London for a loft conversion. Through loft conversion, you can easily add more space to the house to meet the demand for additional space to accommodate your family.

Increase Existing Space:

If you are facing a crisis of space in your residence, incorporate the rarely used attic or loft space to increase utility. When you are incorporating loft space into the usable house space, it offers you more space to play with. The additional space that comes out of loft conversion, can be used to add an extra washroom, guest bedroom, closet or more. Thus, the space within your house can be extended.

Get More Natural Light:

The space between your roof and the highest level of your residence is called the loft. The builders generally carve out this space to get a flat ceiling on the highest level. But renders a significant amount of space unusable at the highest level. We all know about the limited amount of natural light one gets in London, thus there is no point in blocking out even an ounce of natural light. Through loft conversion, you can get extra natural light in your home in London that was previously blocked by unused loft space.

Increase Property Value:

Bigger properties will sell better that’s the general rule. Any buyer who is looking to buy a new house would want smart optimization of space. Thus, going through loft conversion before listing the property on any website in London will get you a better offer. The addition of an extra bedroom or bathroom through loft conversion is also a significant change that enhances your chances to get a better offer. Thus, loft conversion, variably, increases property value.

No Additional Paper Work:

A loft conversion must not exceed the volume allowance of 40 cubic metres of additional space for terraced houses, or 50 cubic metres for detached and semi-detached houses, to be considered permitted development and not require planning permission. If you are within these permitted criteria, you do not need to procure additional permission.

For these above-mentioned reasons, it is better to go for a loft conversion in-house rather than purchasing a whole new property in a city like London. It will cover your demand for additional space without spending a lot of money.

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