Eco-friendly ways to spruce up a modern kitchen

Eco-friendly ways to spruce up a modern kitchen
25 Mar 2022

Nowadays, we are becoming more conscious of trash and our influence on the environment. Here are the best eco-friendly ways to decorate a kitchen.

While upgrading your modern kitchen is a significant undertaking, it is also a thrilling moment since you are creating your ideal kitchen! We are becoming more conscious of trash and our influence on the environment in this day and age. As a result, building an eco-friendly kitchen makes sense. It only takes a little more planning and consideration – according to  kitchen renovation experts in London. Regardless of your budget, here are some of our suggestions for upgrading your kitchen with a budget-friendly flare.

Sustainable flooring

If your kitchen remodels entails installing a new floor, there’re a variety of ecologically responsible, fashionable, and cost-effective alternatives. Bamboo, cork, and locally available hardwoods are examples of these. Not to mention ceramic tiles made from recyclable materials, stone, or timber. If you choose hardwood floors, be sure the wood is certified. All of these floorings are simple to maintain and look fantastic.

Modern lights

Lighting that is energy efficient both saves money and benefits the environment. LED bulbs are available in a broad selection of styles to fit any fixture, so you won't have any trouble installing new affordable lights in your new kitchen. However, creating a lighting design before beginning your renovations is a smart idea since it will guarantee that you have the ideal lighting scheme for your refurbished kitchen. Consider utilising dimmer switches to save more money by reducing the amount of electricity utilised.

Efficient appliances

Induction cooktops and microwaves, dishwashers, smart fridges, convection ovens, freezers and other energy-efficient kitchen equipment are readily available. Every ounce of energy saved counts, and the design of these products makes a difference as well. A fridge with a smaller freezer on top or at the bottom, for example, consumes less energy than other conventional fridge freezers.

Recycled materials

Consider salvaged wood for the floors, benchtops, and shelves if you wish to use recyclable materials. There are also recycled glass or quartz composite benchtops that are easy to clean and look great, as well as kitchen recycled tiles for the backsplash. You may also recycle outdated kitchen knobs, sinks, and taps, as well as lighting fixtures.

A green kitchen remodel doesn't have to be drab and uninteresting. Simply focusing on sustainable alternatives for appliances, flooring, cabinets, benchtops, lighting, and accessories may result in a gorgeous and highly modern kitchen. So, while you're upgrading your kitchen, why not assist the environment as well?

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