Regulations To Follow For House Extension In London

Regulations To Follow For House Extension In London
05 Dec 2022

The longer you live in a house, the more space starts to eat up. The limited space in the house starts to hurt even more when the family starts to grow. But buying a new real estate property in this current market is not feasible for everyone. But what if there was another way to extend a few yards of your house’s carpet area? One way of doing so is going for house extensions. House extension service is opted for by many people in London. But before you contact a house extension service in London for help, there are certain regulations that you can follow to ensure your house extension construction project is completed without any additional hindrance.

Know Which Type Of House Extension Should You Go For:

While all kind of house extension is an umbrella term. Some house extensions can be only limited to a little kitchen, loft or living space extension. But for others, it may include the addition of an extra storey or garage, this kind of house extension is more intrusive and in-depth and thus may need the help of an architect and some additional permissions.

Should You Inform Your Neighbour Of House Extension:

Unless your house extension project somehow hampers the boundary of the property and affects your neighbours' boundary there is no legal need to inform them. However, for our courtesy, it is better to give them a head up before going for a house extension in your London house. As there will be a lot of noise and dust due to construction, a heads-up will help foster a better relationship with your neighbours. 

Living in Conservation Area:

If you are living in a conservation area, such as a national park, then before starting any construction project, you have to seek permission. Permitted Development Rules are slightly more restrictive. Thereby, the design and the construction process will remain under scrutiny. 

What About Listed Property?

If your house is a listed structure, it will not be eligible for permitted development, and you will need to obtain both planning permission and listed building consent before beginning any work. When failed to do so, it is a criminal offence. Speak with your local government's Conservation Officer to learn about any restrictions that may apply to your specific property.

There are some regulations that you must keep in mind when it comes to house extensions in London. When you are not aware of these regulations it may cost you in future and also land you in legal trouble.

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