Should You Consider Converting Your Loft In London?

Should You Consider Converting Your Loft In London?
09 May 2023

A loft conversion is a popular way of extending the space of the house. Loft conversions provide extra storage or an extra room, are appealing, do not require planning permission, and may assist to raise the value of your property if you decide to sell. The weather has little effect on the construction process, which is great if you want to undertake your conversion work in the winter.

If you've considered a loft conversion to make more space in your house, you need to think about varied facets of the project. A conversion is not always appropriate for everyone's house, and there are several variables to consider before proceeding. Let’s look at some factors that you should spare a thought about before committing to loft conversion in London.

Is It Feasible For You?

Financial cost should be the first thing that should pop into your head. In London, depending on the location of the house the construction cost can go up than the average cost of construction. Even the extent of construction can fluctuate the overall cost of construction. Thus, you must take that into account when considering going for a loft conversion in London. It can have a huge role in deciding if a loft conversion is feasible for you or not.

Not All Properties Are Appropriate

Houses with low-pitched roofs, such as trusses, are not necessarily appropriate for conversion. In some circumstances, the roof structure may need to be rebuilt, which can be costly. There are strict guidelines for modifying the structure and appearance of your roof to facilitate a loft conversion. Expansions that extend beyond the plane of the existing roof and face a major road, for example, are not permitted, and no component of the addition can be taller than the highest point of the existing roof.

Do You Really Need The Space

A loft conversion is a huge undertaking. But if your need for space is limited, do you need to subject yourself to such a huge process? Unless you need an extra room or bathroom in your house, going through this big construction process will not make a difference.

Is There Enough Space In Your Loft?

Suppose you are planning on extending the space within your house through loft conversion because you are in urgent need of an extra room or bathroom. The loft space should have enough accommodative space for an extra room or bathroom. Since the space within the loft is not uniform, the centre has the maximum height and the height goes down as you move to the side. Thus, it is not always feasible to convert a loft into anything. You must consider the expert advice of a loft conversion expert in London for more in-depth help.

The purpose of going through loft conversion is to add meaning to your house and needs. Thus, if you are planning on a loft conversion, you must think through these considerations. It will help you make a better decision and investment that you will not repent in future.

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