Things To Research Before Planning House Extension London

Things To Research Before Planning House Extension London
14 Nov 2022

As time goes on, your house suddenly starts to feel small compared to the space you need. No, this does not mean your house has shrunk over time. It simply means that with time, your need for extra space has grown. This can be because of varied reasons, such as a budding and growing family or perhaps a lack of storage space. But in this expensive real estate market, it is not easy to buy a new house as soon as you start to feel the walls caving in on you. People who can’t shell out so much money to buy a new house should think of an alternate method like house extension. But for a house extension in London, there are some key things one must due their due diligence over before starting with the handy work:

Cost Estimation:

If you are going for a house extension in London instead of buying a new house, one of the major reasons behind it can be the lack of money. But if the estimation of the cost of extending the house outweighs the cost of buying a new house, then there’s no point in going through with it. Do a SWOT analysis or cost-to-benefit analysis of the venture before delving deep into it.

Planning Permission:

Before you start with building the new house plan, it is quite essential in London to get the right planning permission from the right authorities for a house extension. Obtaining the right permits is quite important before starting the planning process.

Permission For New Plan:

Once the designer who is tasked with planning is done with the planning draft for the house extension, you also have to get it authorised by London authorities. If you miss out on this step, the extension can be categorised as illegal construction. This is why it is important to get the design for the house extension authorised by local authorities.

Meeting The New Regulation:

A house extension significantly alters the plans of the original house. This can be in form of height, ecological perspective, fire safety standards and many more. Thereby, before starting on constructing it is very important for the homeowner to ensure their house extension plan does not violate any new regulation passed by the government in recent times. You can either do the due diligence on your own or consult an expert house extension service in London to analyse if the extension plan meets all regulations before moving for any additional approval.

These are some of the many areas on which a house owner must do their due diligence before starting with house extension service. When this part is not done correctly, it can cost a person more money in corrective steps that need to be taken.

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