What Should You Remodel to Increase Property Value?

What Should You Remodel to Increase Property Value?
17 Jan 2023

If you have a property in London that you are trying to sell there are plenty of things you will have to do to market your property correctly. From listing it to several property listing sites to getting in touch with property contractors. But have you spared a thought to think what are the things you can do to increase the property’s valuation? One easy way to do this is by going through property refurbishment in London. Here are some of the property refurbishments that you should start with to increase its valuation:

Upgrading the older system

If you live in an older home, you will need to update your utilities to keep up with current standards. Two prerequisites in this regard are rewiring your home and upgrading your plumbing system. Even if you do not intend to sell your home right away, all future home buyers will require updated utilities, and having them ready can be a huge selling point for your older home.

Converting Old Storeroom:

Do you have a small storeroom that you're not using? Consider converting it into an additional bedroom to increase the value of your home. You could also divide a large room into two and make two bedrooms out of the same space. This will be not an intensive property refurbishment plan that will take a long time to complete in London, provided you hire good professionals.

Kitchen Refurbishment:

Every home's heart is the kitchen, and most families spend at least one meal a day in the kitchen or around the dining table. As a result, home buyers want a kitchen that is large, modern, and functional. If you have outdated features in your kitchen, it may be time to replace them. Adding new countertops, a better sink, more storage cabinets, a kitchen island, or new tiles are all viable ways to increase a home's value.

Bathroom Refurbishment:

Upgrading the fittings and fixtures in your bathroom, like the kitchen, will increase the value of your home. Make sure your bathrooms have adequate lighting, a shower area, or, even better, a bathtub with a shower, and modern sanitary fittings. For extra ventilation, install a small high window or an extractor fan. Replace the tiles if they are dated, worn, chipped, or loose.

These are some of the ways through property refurbishment you can increase the value of the property in a city like London.

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