House Extensions
House Extensions

Professionally Elegant House Extension Services in London

Local Builders Ltd. has been taking up house extension services to assist the citizens in London to create their dream properties. By working on and devising innovative house extension designs, we can effectively maximize the available indoor space. Our motive is converting a property into a dream home.

As the leading house extension company in London with a proactive panel of experienced and aesthetically skilled house extension builders, we are guided by a vision and tactics to convert it to life. Our advanced team with remarkable hands-on work on all-size spaces to optimize the area completely.

We have been assisting the homeowners in London by adding their needed additional space to their prevailing home. To get it done, we create a seamless transition between the existing and newly-constructed facets. A home’s structure determines the project along with the budget the homeowners have allocated.

The Types of House Extensions
Our trained teams have the needed mastery over facilitating a plethora of house extensions in London. Contact our customer service representatives for hiring us to ensure you get the house extension type you need.

1. Single Storey Extension
Expanding the ground floor, the design extends into the back garden or through the property's side.

2. Double Multi-Storey Extension
Maximum space is ensured by extending the entire property. Either the rooms are added or the existing rooms are made larger. The end results in amazement at how big could the property be.

3. Garden Room
Living space is added to the garden to make it a superb focal point for the outdoor space. With the modern conveniences added along with seamless connectivity, space is added to the property while offering peace and privacy.

4. Side Extension
The redundant space can be utilized at the property's side, which can be either single-storey or multi-storey.

5. Wrap–Around Extension
With combined side extension and rear extension, significant space is added to the home.

By creating bespoke designs, on the basis of the property, needs, preferences and lifestyle – we are able to create an ultimate design for enriching a home.

So, if you are thinking about building a home, then it should be the outcome of all the components as planned in the design and construction process. Local Builders Ltd has got you covered. Hire us as designers and contractors to get the combined process at the earliest.

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